Design, development and dissemination of implementation plan with associated project pipeline based on the regional Strategy.

Finalizing the Regional Development Strategy and Implementation Plan:

-          Associate  Regional Project Pipeline development

-          Action plans developed based on measures of priority areas from regional strategy document

-          Investment capacity assessment analysis for co-financing implementation of plan.


Continuing development structure to achieve long term sustainability and effective stakeholders input for the EURED processes in the Region

Supporting stakeholders to develop the Regional Strategies for:

-          Regional tourism

-          Regional transport

-          Regional promotion

Training of stakeholders on data collections for Regional profile review based on identified priority areas for intervention within the Regional Strategy.


Support to Regional stakeholders applying for specific European Union Office in Kosovo and other  donor’s Grants

-          Assisting European Union Office in Kosovo in Coordination and implementation of EU grant schemes

-          Assistance to the potential applicants

-          Assistance to the beneficiaries ( selected applicants – beneficiaries of the grant)

-          Support to European Union Office in Kosovo in monitoring the beneficiaries of the grant schemes

-          Build capacity to the Regional team for project preparation(representing all partners) with the regional impact


Preparing the partners to take an advantage of donors activities in the Region in line with regional strategy including created a Regional team for project preparation (shared by all partners)

-          Developing Regional Profile Comparison & Trend Analysis Regional Intelligence

-          Giving Input to National Census 2011

-          Strategy Evaluation Data Project Pipeline Tool development and redefining the priority projects for implementation through the grant schemes.


This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Regional Development Agency West and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union Office in Kosovo .

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