1.3 What I need to do in order to get my budget changed?

The non substantial changes of the budget do not require prior written approval of the Contracting Authority, but the foreseen changes need to be notified to the Contracting Authority in written without a delay. Although the changes may be financially non substantial the Contracting Authority needs to decide whether they are in line with the existing objectives of the project and do they contribute to the achievement of project results in an efficient manner.

Basically, the notification letter should be sent after a decision for the change was made by the project management, advisably before actually spending the money according to the changed budget, in order to avoid later problems with eligibility of expenditure.

As an example, a grant beneficiary had some savings in the headings related to works and wanted to move the “saved” amount in the heading of “equipment” in order to buy a more expensive car for the project. Such a change was not considered necessary by the Contracting Authority and the grant beneficiary was not able apply this change although it was financially non – substantial. The reason for non agreement by the Contracting Authority was that the unit price for a car was negotiated and agreed in the contract. Therefore an increase was not justified. The Contracting Authority recommended that a more expensive car could be bought but the part exceeding the agreed maximum price should be financed off the project budget.


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