2.7 What is the standard content of the tender dossier?

To document the procurement the beneficiaries can use their own models of tender documents in local languages (with exception of international tenders). In the case the beneficiaries do not have their own models of tender documents, they may use the models published on the European Union’s web site.\

The content of tender dossier differs from the type of contract: services, supply or works, and tender procedure: open tender procedure, negotiated procedure without publication or single tender procedure.

The tender documents must be drafted the beneficiary country official language, e.g. Albanian, Serbian, in accordance with the best international practice.

It is vital that tender documents should be carefully drafted not only for the proper execution of the contract but also for the sound functioning of the procurement procedure. These documents must contain all the provisions and information that tenderers need to present in their tenders: the procedures to follow, the documents to provide, cases of non-compliance, selection criteria, award criteria, etc.

It is recommended that the tender dossier[2] to contains as minimum the following documents:

Invitation to tender

Instructions to tenderers including the main selection and award criteria

Technical specifications (for works, supply contracts); Terms of reference ( for services contracts)

Preliminary design or detailed design and drawings (works)

For the above-mentioned two most common tender procedures for EURED grants the recommended tender dossier content is provided in the following table:

Negotiated procedure without publication Single tender
  • List of at least 3 companies invited to tender
  • Technical specifications, TORs, Works’ Design/drawings
  • Minimum qualifications
Selection criteria
  • Technical specifications, TORs, Works’ Design/drawings
  • Minimum qualifications

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