2.3 How to ensure fair competition during tendering?

Fair competition among the potential contractors leads to the desired quality of services, supplies or works at the best possible price and contributes to the cost effectiveness of the action.

In order to ensure that the fair competition, non-discrimination and equal treatment principles are observed, the beneficiary should ensure that would-be services, supply or works providers have:

  • Fair access to the information related to the tender and tender process
  • Time set for the receipt of tenders must be long enough to allow the tenderers a reasonable and appropriate period to prepare and submit their tenders.
  • All measures to ensure the avoidance of the conflict of interest are considered
  • All offers received from the tenders should be evaluated
  • Transparency of the evaluation procedure: basis for exclusion, main selection and award criteria are announced in advance and included in the invitation to tender or in the terms of reference.
  • Confidentiality of the proceedings of the evaluation committee.
  • An appeal procedure to the evaluation committee decision is in place.

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