2.2 What is the „most economically advantageous offer“?

The contract must be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender (ie, the tender offering the best price-quality ratio), in accordance with the principles of transparency and fair competition for potential contractors and taking care to avoid any conflicts of interest. The provisions of this principles and rules apply to contracts to be concluded by the Beneficiary’s partners as well.

There are two types of evaluation criteria that should be set before the evaluation:

  • The selection criteria are intended to evaluate the potential: sufficient human, technical and financial resources of the tenderer to provide/ supply/construct the services, equipment-technology or construction works.
  • The award criteria allow the quality of the offer to be evaluated in relation to the set of expected results.

An evaluation grid and scoring procedure may be elaborated and used for the evaluation. The scoring procedure should reflect the most important characteristics of the service, equipment or construction works. For example, the technical offer ( quality, tenderer’s capacity , resources and experience) could weight at 80% from the total score, and the price ( financial offer) at 20%.


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