3.3 What is the content of the standard sub-granting contract?

The main content of the sub-granting contracts is:

  • Identification of parties
  • Object of the sub-granting contract
  • Duration of the sub-granting contract
  • Value of the sub-granting contracts
  • Terms of payments
  • Obligations of the sub-grantee
  • Obligation of the main grant beneficiary
  • Settlement of disputes and penalties
  • Termination clauses

You can use your own models for the sub-granting contract. The sub-granting contracts will be signed between the sub-grantees and the Ben efficiary of EU grant. They are normally in local language and in 2 originals. The contracts should be saved as all other project documents and made available for auditors in necessary.

It is important to ensure that all sub-granting contract are fully implemented by the end of the EU grant contract and you can draw conclusions about the results of the sub-granting component in your Final report to the Contracting Authority.


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