4.4 How and when do I submit the reports?

The reports are submitted differently according to the nature of the grant and the period of implementation of the action.

For actions with duration of one year, the only submitted report is the final report.

For actions with duration of more than one year, there are interim and final reports submitted by the grant beneficiary.

The interim reports are submitted when 70% of the pre-financing (or other previous payments) has been spent. In practice, this happens within the first 8-9 months of the contract.

The final report is submitted at the end of the action, after completion of all project activities.

According to the grant contract conditions, processing of any reports and payments is time consuming process and therefore, only the timely submission of reports and any clarifications requested by the Contracting Authority would ensure smooth financial management of the project.

The Contracting Authority may request monthly or quarterly progress reports of the project depending on the size and importance of particular grant contracts.


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