6.1. There is a standard project staff recruitment procedure to be followed?

No, there is no standard recruitment procedure for the project staff, it is recommended to refer to the project proposal’s implementation methodology ( chapter 1.8 of the application) and follow the recruitment methodology presented in the project proposal.

Due to the importance influence of the project staff on the efficiency and effectiveness if project resources utilisation and expected project outputs and outcomes achievement, it is recommended that in both cases: project staff’s internal recruitment (within the applicant/ partners’ organisations), or external recruitment, to run and open and transparent recruitment process.

The main steps recommended for an effective recruitment process are:

  1. Draft the TOR’s for the main implementation team’s positions: project director/ manager, financial /administrative manager, project assistant , ST technical experts, etc. consisting in: Minimum qualifications and experience needed to apply; Main duties to be performed ; Type of the contract/ duration of the assignment; Application process/ procedure: CV format, cover letter format, support documents requested (studies diplomas, training certificates, recommendations, etc.) ,dead line for application, etc.
  2. Vacancies announcement: Identify the most appropriate place / media to announce/ advertise the jobs vacancy, ei. Projects, applicant/partners website, local media, etc.
  3. The evaluation /scoring of the applications/CV's received: Used mainly to shortlist the applications received; a CVs/applications’ scoring procedure it is recommended to be developed in order to ensure the transparency of the applications’ evaluation process
  4. The Interview/test of the short listed candidates

NB: A technical expert should be involved in drafting the technical questions/ tests and in the evaluation of the answers. Allow the candidates to ask questions related to the project, selection procedure etc. Select the staff not only based on the technical skills but on the team working abilities as well. It is recommended to encourage the minorities/ women to apply in order to ensure that the principles of equal opportunities and gender balance are observed.

Clear job description and agreed individual performance evaluation criteria, monitoring of the staff performance of the project staff will contribute to efficient project implementation, avoidance of overlapping activity areas, accountability of the decisions and responsibility of the project staff actions.


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